50,000 Years of Pride – Illustration Print


Commemorate LGBT+ history month and promote inclusion with gorgeous illustrations, great for any personal or professional wallspace.

Owning one of these prints of ‘queer artists and their art’, will support the queer community organisation Inkluder CIC with their work in Barnet, North London.

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This LGBTQPIA+ History Month we have collaborated with queer London artist James Phillips to celebrate queer artistry through time and raise funds for the new community organisation Inkluder CIC who are striving for LGBTQ+ inclusion in the largest borough of London, Barnet.

The print combines various hand-drawn illustrations of queer artists and their art from around the world, dating from 10 thousand years ago up until the present day. Suitable for any professional or personal space looking to promote LGBT+ inclusion, you can guarantee it will spark conversation and inspiration in a foyer, waiting room, office, meeting room or even your home.

All profits will be donated to Inkluder CIC to help support the set-up of their first home in Barnet.

Paper Weight: 250 GSM

Size: A2 Unframed

Item Description:

Historical Queer Artistry – Left to right starting from top:

Sappho (610 BCE) – Lesbian poet, from Lesbos, Greece.

Keith Haring (1958) – American Pop/Street Artist who rose to prominence in the 1980s New York street art scene.

San Bush Cave Art (8000 BCE) – One of the oldest depictions of male on male intimacy. These cave paintings were found in what is now Zimbabwe. 

Derek Jarmen (1979) – Pioneer Homosexual British Film Director whose film Sebastiane’ is a homo-erotic tragedy of queer cinema.

Ma Rainey (1886) – American woman of colour who was an openly bi-sexual Blues Singer

La Maupin (1670) – Julie d’Aubigny was a 17th century lesbian and famous cross dresser. They were an actress and opera singer.

Oscar Wilde (1854) – Celebrated Victorian Play write / writer who was famously homosexual in a time when homosexuality was a crime. 

Marlene Dietrich (1901) – German-born American actress and singer who was prone to pushing the boundaries of gender expression and had relationships with both men and women. 

The Warren Cup (5 AD) – Greco-Roman Artefact depicting homosexual love. 

Frida Kahlo (1907) – Surrealist Painter. Her works often dealt with her own gender expression and her disability. Frida was bi-sexual.

‘Origin of Love’ (385 BCE) – Based on speech by Aristophanes at Plato’s Symposium that suggests there are three types of humans: The male who came from the sun, The female who came from the earth and the androgynous figure, who came from the moon and had both male and female aspects

SOPHIE (1986) – Sophie Xeon, known mononymously as Sophie, was a Scottish musician, record producer, singer and DJ. Known for a brash and “hyperkinetic” take on pop music and being an transgender icon.