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You've reached the mothership of the beloved Thats Drag Bingo. Thank you for being here, to find out more about how you can attend a show or book us for your event, take a look around!

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Who knew inclusion could be so much fun?

As a company that is proud to have Drag artists on our leadership team, Queer the Norm is dedicated to providing inclusivity and education for everyone so that all LGBTIQA+ people have a chance to feel safe and represented in their workplaces, homes and social lives. We aim to defy society's expectations while reaching out to commercial enterprises and public services for the benefit of everyone. 

[i]ncluder Accreditation

In 2023 we are launching an LGBTQ-inclusive accreditation scheme titled 'includer', to help customer-facing businesses that hope to ensure their services are accessible to all sexualities and genders.

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Richard Yu
- KING -

"Incredible triumph!  That is how I describe your performance tonight, all parties included! 

Orange Gina, Magik (with a k), and especially Ariel Bold, thank you for the amazing evening. I hope that in the future, you can host all our stuff!

Ellis Lanyon


"Thank you so much once again for yesterday! It was absolutely amazing! The production value was another level, we had a ball!
Hopefully, we’ll be able to do something together again in person in the near future! "

Seamus Clancy


"Thank you all so so so much. I don't think really understood how educational it would be and that's exactly what we wanted. It was brilliant. Thank you so much George and the rest of the team.

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