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Frida Kahlo


Frida Kahlo was the very definition of genius and intersectionality...

Frida Kahlo's artistic journey, deeply intertwined with her personal adversities, positions her as a seminal figure in 20th-century art. Born in Mexico City in 1907, Kahlo's experiences with disability following a bus accident, coupled with her bisexual identity, profoundly shaped her creative vision. Her tumultuous marriage to Diego Rivera further added layers to her rich tapestry of experiences.

Kahlo's art, marked by vivid imagery and symbolic motifs, was a bold reflection of her life. Her self-portraits, renowned for their raw introspection, navigated themes of identity, physicality, and emotional landscapes. This fearless exploration of personal and societal taboos elevated her to an iconic status in both feminist and LGBTQ+ circles.

Kahlo's influence transcends her vivid palette and striking imagery; she redefined the role of women in the arts, breaking free from male-dominated narratives. Her legacy, etched in her unique blend of personal narrative and visual expression, continues to inspire, symbolising the power of art to embody and transcend personal struggles. Frida Kahlo remains a beacon of resilience and authenticity, her life and work a testament to the indomitable spirit of embracing and expressing one's true identity.

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