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Kieth Haring


Graffiti Artist who changed the world of design...

In the vibrant mosaic of modern art and social activism, the story of Keith Haring stands out as a vivid splash of colour, symbolising the profound intersection of graphic design, public art, and social advocacy. Born on May 4, 1958, in Reading, Pennsylvania, Haring's journey from a budding artist to an iconic figure in the 1980s art scene of New York City is a tale of creativity, courage, and an unyielding commitment to social issues.

Haring's art, known for its distinctive, bold lines and dynamic figures, burst onto the streets of New York, transforming the city's subways and vacant walls into canvases that spoke to the heart of the community. His work was more than mere decoration; it was a loud, visual language that communicated messages of hope, unity, and awareness on issues like AIDS, apartheid, and the fight against drug addiction. This fusion of art and activism not only revolutionised the way people viewed street art but also brought pressing social matters to the forefront of public consciousness.

For our organisation, Haring's legacy resonates profoundly. His ability to use graphic design as a tool for social change and community engagement mirrors our ethos of combining creativity with purpose. Haring's use of art to give voice to marginalized communities and to challenge societal norms inspires our work. We see in his art a reflection of our mission to speak truth to power, to raise awareness, and to foster inclusivity.

Haring's influence extends beyond his iconic imagery; it lies in his approach to art as a democratic medium, accessible and understandable to all. This philosophy aligns with our vision of creating content that is not only visually striking but also inclusive and representative of diverse voices and experiences.

Moreover, Haring's impact on graphic design and design generally has been profound. His style, characterised by fluid, bold lines and bright colours, has become a staple in modern design, influencing everything from streetwear to advertising. For us, this has translated into an appreciation for designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also carry a message, a signature approach that we strive to embody in our projects.

In our journey as an organisation, Keith Haring stands as a beacon of inspiration - a reminder that art can be a powerful agent of change, a voice for the voiceless, and a source of joy and unity. His life and work continue to inspire us to push the boundaries of creativity, to use our platform to make a difference, and to approach each project with the same vibrancy and passion that Haring brought to every piece of his art. In the legacy of Keith Haring, we find the courage to dream bigger, to act bolder, and to paint our own story in bright, indelible colours.

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