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The Warren Cup

5 AD

The Warren cup aka proof of gay love in ancient times...

The Warren Cup, a Roman silver drinking vessel from the early 1st century AD, holds significant value in art history for its portrayal of homosexual love. Named after American collector Edward Perry Warren, its explicit depictions offer a rare, historical insight into same-sex relationships in ancient times, challenging the predominance of heteronormative narratives in classical art.

For us, the Warren Cup symbolises the enduring importance of LGBTQ+ representation in media. Its existence underscores the historical presence of same-sex love, reminding us that such relationships have always been part of the human condition. This artefact not only highlights the varied expressions of love in ancient societies but also contrasts with periods of history marked by suppression and taboo.

The cup inspires our work in championing inclusivity and ensuring diverse stories are celebrated. It stands as a testament to the need for varied representation in contemporary media, reinforcing our commitment to amplify marginalised voices. The Warren Cup, in its ancient glory, serves as a powerful reminder of our mission to advocate for a future where every narrative is valued and every form of love is acknowledged.

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