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What to Wear to Drag Bingo: Dressing Up for a Night of Glamour

Deciding what to wear to Drag Bingo can be a thrilling venture! This isn’t just any bingo night—it's a vibrant celebration of drag culture. It means dressing up isn't just encouraged, it's part of the fun! So, whether you’re a first-time attendee or a seasoned Drag Bingo enthusiast, this guide will help you make the right fashion statement for your next event.

  1. Embrace the Fabulous: When it comes to Drag Bingo, the more glamourous and expressive, the better. Bold colours, sequins, feathers, glitter – nothing is off-limits. The key is to choose an outfit that makes you feel confident and fabulous.

  2. Dress for the Theme: Drag Bingo nights often have a different theme, from retro to wild west to sparkling disco. Let the theme guide your outfit choice to add an extra layer of fun and truly get in the spirit of the evening.

  3. Celebrate the Diversity of Drag: Remember, Drag Bingo isn't just about drag queens. Our hosts range from drag kings to queens and everyone in between, representing the entire spectrum of drag. This diversity is also what we celebrate in our dress code. You're welcome to dress in drag if you wish, or simply use your outfit to express your personality and style.

  4. Show Your Pride: Incorporating LGBTQ+ pride elements into your outfit is always a great choice. Think rainbow colours, symbols, and pride-themed accessories. Wearing your pride not just supports the community, but also adds a vibrant touch to your look.

  5. Comfort is Key: As much as dressing up is part of the fun, comfort shouldn't be compromised. You want to enjoy your evening without wardrobe malfunctions or discomfort fully. Choose an outfit that's fun and expressive, but also allows you to easily participate in all the activities.

  6. Safety First: With all the activities like dance-offs, limbo, or the Queue (our fantastic take on the conga), ensure your outfit won't cause any mishaps. Your fabulous outfits should also be dance-floor friendly!

In conclusion, what you wear to Drag Bingo is all about expressing yourself, having fun, and embracing the inclusive spirit of the drag community. So get creative, feel confident, and prepare to shine at your next Drag Bingo event. After all, the only fashion faux pas in drag is not having fun with your style!

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