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Keith Haring Illustration

Keith Haring Illustration


Keith Haring (1958)


One of our personal heroes, Haring was an icon and pioneer of street art whose distinctive style emerged from the graffiti subculture of the 1980s. Keith Haring’s animated imagery has become a widely recognised and respected visual language whose legacy is felt today more than ever. 


Much of his work included sexual allusions that turned into social activism by using the images to advocate for safe sex and AIDS awareness.


This portrait of Haring incorporates elements of his own visual language spilling from his head as a nod to his genius. 

Our lustre art prints are printed on a flat, stiff, middle-weight paper with a white base and an instant dry, micro-porous coating. 

  • 275 gsm.
  • Bright white.
  • Lustre finish.
  • Wide colour gamut and high d-max.

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