Slide      We believe
normal is
     a spectrum.
make no assumptions

Slide Queer The Norm may now be one of UK's leading providers of LGBTQIA+ inclusive zoom shows but we are so much more. Since forming as a queer-led social enterprise in 2017, we have taught and performed to thousands of audience members across the world; providing educational entertainment and furthering the visibility of queer people for organisations including L'Oreal, Warner Music, Gibson Dunn and Kellogs. People who cross the cultural boundaries of gender and defy society's expectations of binary gender roles are experiencing the highest rate of violence ever recorded, with 81% reporting having experienced a form of transphobic hate crime in the last 12 months. Education needs to be inclusive, and a key part of this is understanding that you should not refer to someone in gendered terms unless they have shared that information with you. Gender is a complex, personal experience, and gender-neutral language allows everyone to feel welcome. We understand the profound need to transform current commercial enterprises into inclusive spaces so queer people feel safe and confident spending their time and money with brands that represent them. With LGBTQ+ awareness now encouraged to be taught to all our children following new government guidelines regarding relationships and sex education in the UK, it is essential for us to update, educate, and adapt existing systems so young queer people can feel truly included and integrated into these institutions. As part of our mission to build a network of safer spaces, we are developing an accessible, affordable, and enjoyable inclusive practices course that will allow individuals and businesses to ally themselves with queer patrons on our business directory launching in 2021. To aid us in achieving our long term goals we understand the need for a permanent location that will act as our base and allow us to fully realise our potential for community engagement; please see our projects page for more information on this and how you can show your support.